Hunting in the
Eastern Cape

Every Savannah South Safari is tailored to provide excellence for all.

Our safaris are exclusive to you and your unique desires. Whether you’re a nomad seeking personal triumph, a group of up to 10 adventurers, or a family seeking a shared journey of discovery – our lodging and hunting concessions are exclusive to you, and only you.


Our hunting concessions are in malaria-free parts of Africa so there is no need to take medication. There are also no mandatory vaccinations required. Do however remember to have full medical insurance in place.

The Coastal Concession

Hunting thick forests and valleys bordering the Indian Ocean is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in Africa. Spotting a Kudu horn shining through the treetops is indescribable – the adrenaline spikes, shortly met with a profound need for patience and calm to execute the perfect shot as the beast steps into view.

These coastal forests are also home to the smallest of the Tiny Ten – the Blue Duiker, and some of the best Bushpig hunting in the country.  A truly outstanding ecosystem with rich and diverse fauna and flora.

The Great Karoo

This is big country, with vistas as far as the eye can see. The ancient landscape is home to large herds of game – including Eland, Blesbuck, Black Wildebeest, Springbuck, and the elusive Vaal Rheebuck.

This is fair chase hunting, all taking place inside a mountainous amphitheatre that sets the stage for close encounters, flowing adrenaline and memories you will never forget.